A note from Heather​

Bittersweet is such a good word to describe the end of the series, isn't it? Bitter that there aren't going to be more books, but sweet that these characters who we love so much get the send-off they deserve.​ ​To Catch a Witch and ​A​ Witch to Remember have completed the story arc for the Wish series that I always had in mind. This was always how the series was supposed to end, and I hope ​everyone will find the finale as satisfying as I do. 

​​If you haven't already, plea​​se check out my Heather Webber website -​ ​I'm writing Southern magical fiction these days​. Those novels have all the story elements I love so much: magic, mystery, love, characters I want to be friends with, and a town I want to live in.

As always, thank you so much for following me on this crazy, wonderful writing journey. I truly appreciate all your support and book love. ​xo

​If you check out my “About Me” tab above, you’ll see that once upon a time, three of my favorite shows were Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Quincy, M.E. A strange combination to be sure, but I’m not exactly normal (don’t tell anyone).

It's no wond​​er that I started writing paranormal mysteries featuring lovable witches with unique abilities.

In my Wishcraft series, you'll meet Darcy Merriweather, a novice witch who can grant wishes using a special spell.

In my Magic Potion series, Carly Hartwell is a white magic witch, a healer who uses her ability as an empath (and some magic drops) to make all sorts of potions that can work, well, magic.

Both are tough yet flawed women who are simply trying to do their best when faced with difficult situations, and who soon realize that they don't have to tackle the hard times all alone.

Thanks for coming by—I hope you’ll poke around to check out all twenty-eight things you may not know about me, learn all about my alter ego, and also keep up with me regularly through my Facebook pages, Twitter, or Instagram.


The mouse familiar from the Wishcraft series, drawn by my daughter.


Potion shop series

Wishcraft series


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