All My Books

The Wishcraft Mysteries

It Takes a Witch (2012)
A Witch Before Dying (2012)
The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy (2013)
The Goodbye Witch (2014)
Some Like It Witchy (2015)
Gone With the Witch (2016)
The Witch and the Dead (2016)
To Catch a Witch (2018)
A Witch to Remember (2019)

The Magic Potion Mysteries

A Potion to Die For (2013)
One Potion in the Grave (2014)
Ghost of a Potion (2015)

Writing as Heather Webber

Standalone Fiction

Midnight at the Blackbird Café (2019)
South of the Buttonwood Tree (2020)
The Lights of Sugarberry Cove (2021)
In the Middle of Hickory Lane (2022)
At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities (2023)

The Lucy Valentine Novels

Truly, Madly: A Lucy Valentine Novel (2010)
Deeply, Desperately: A Lucy Valentine Novel (2010)
Absolutely, Positively: A Lucy Valentine Novel (2011)
Perfectly Matched: A Lucy Valentine Novel (2012)
Undeniably Yours: A Lucy Valentine Novel (2014)

Lucy Valentine Short Story

Definitely, Maybe

The Nina Quinn Mysteries

A Hoe Lot of Trouble (2004)
Trouble in Spades (2005)
Digging up Trouble (2006)
Trouble in Bloom (2007)
Weeding out Trouble (2008)
Trouble Under the Tree (2011)
The Root of all Trouble (2013)


The Cinderella Plan (2011 -- no longer available)

Historical Romance

Surrender, My Love October 2002 *now available as an ebook
Secrets of the Heart August 2003 *now available as an ebook
Hearts are Wild August 2004 *now available as an ebook